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Message from Executive Director

Its great pleasure for me to be associated with Rural Education and Economic Development Society (REEDS) struggling for the marginalized communities in Pakistan focusing food security and the improvement of three living standard, provision of education and skills among school drop-outs/youth, promote and protect human rights, encourage and enable the marginalized communities to participate in decision making process, provide preventive, reproductive and curative health care services to the people, especially women and children in rural areas.

REEDS commitment and dedication has undoubtedly resulted in bringing tremendous change in the lives of the underprivileged communities in terms of increasing family income up-to 30% through livelihoods and income generating opportunities. Through the persistence and hard work of the REEDs Family we are enthusiastic towards creating a society where people from different caste, creed and religion coexist in peace and harmony. We are indebted to the communities we are working with for their encouragement through active participation in our programs.

We look forward to working as a family with the support of our partners and stakeholders together in the mission ‘’Motivate people for self-confidence for their integral development so that they can move towards a prosperous, free, equal and civilized life’’

Shahid Saleem



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